Refund and Returns Policy

All products purchased from MUSHROO can be exchanged within the time when order arrives at your place, only if:

– The item(s) is faulty, damaged, or defective at the time of delivery.

– The item(s) do not match the product’s original specifications or are found to be not the same as you had purchased.

You must inform us within 1 day of delivery by writing to [email protected] or calling at 0335-Mushroo in case you want to discuss a problem. MUSHROO looks at each situation and tries to be fair to both parties.

You will be required to email photographic evidence of the defective item at [email protected] within the same day of delivery before any claims can be processed.

If an item is found faulty or damaged, you must decline the delivery and return the defective product back to the outlet. Upon receipt, Mushroo shall issue a replacement against the product mentioned in the Invoice.

There are specific scenarios where it is difficult for us to support exchanges. Such scenarios include but are not limited to the following:

– Exchange request is made outside the specified time frame.

– Product is damaged because of use.

– Product has been tampered with in any way.

– Anything is missing from the package, including price tags, labels, original packing, freebies, and accessories.

Mushroo does not offer a “cash refund” or “Money Back Guarantee” on purchased items.

A “refund” may only be issued if:

– The customer cancels the order before Mushroo starts the shipment.

– The item(s) do not match the original description of the product.

– The shipment has been delayed due to weather issues, logistic issues, political issues, etc.

Note: Please allow up to 3 business days for processing your refund or exchange request.

Mushroo reserves the right to cancel orders for reasons such as – the item being out of stock or the credit card payment being declined by the issuing financial institution.